Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's woman #17

Hi guys, just barely made it before midnight. Been a very busy bee lately and on top of everything I'll be moving within the next couple weeks. Kinda excited and at the same time scared to have my own place :) anywho , more on that later. This week I just wanted to share some of my exploration drawings for a illustration of my favorite mermaid, ARIEL!! You guys have no idea how obsessed I was with this movie when it first came out. I was the proudest kid in the second grade with a little mermaid coloring book...until the other kids made fun of me for it. Sorry rambling again, so basically I just wanted to draw Ariel in the moment just before she looses her voice. In the first rough I think she's to scared lookin. Yeah I'm sure she was scared in that moment but she was most def. not the victim. She a made a choice and I wanted to show her standing firm in her choice even if she was scared of those gnarly green hands coming for her. Anywho, hope to have the final done after my move. See you guys next week :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednsday's Woman #16

Hellooooo, I've been listening to alot of Marina and the Diamonds latley, and usually what I'm listening to ends up in my sketch book. Enjoy my Marina doodles while listening to her sing. Smile, and I'll see ya next week. :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednsday's Woman #15

Hi guys, so today i just wanted to show the progress from last weeks post of Annette Funicello. My scanner broke so for now its just sad pics from my phone but ill update clear images soon. I'm close to finishing young Annette( i changed my mind on the background last minute and im now inda regretting it)  and I'm in the middle of the second piece. I'm nervous/excited to start the, " Babes in Toyland " piece. Ill post the finished ones soon as they're done . Go smile and I'll see ya guys next week :)