Friday, September 20, 2013

hi everyone :) i know its been awhile sine the last post but assoon as i got back from vacation ive been busy catchin up with my freelance work. Buuuut "The Little Mermaid" is back in theaters today, not excited about seeing it in 3D but VERY excited to see it on a big screen again !!!!!! I was obbsessed with this movie when i first saw it waaaaay back when i was 7 yrs old and still one of my favorite Disney movies. I remember wanting so much to just be in the movie hahahaha and just swim along with everyone else. So thats what i decided to draw this week   :)
When Ariel sang ,"part of your world" I got lost in her grotto i just wanted to explore everything in there.

And after that huge wave crashed behind her i attempted to create the same thing when ever i got out of the pool.

 I remember clearly when Ariel argued she was 16, and could basically do what she wants, my seven yr old mind thought " yeah 16 is old let her do what she wants!"

this last drawing is just a work in progress of one of my favorite scenes when Ariel gets her voice taken. Hope to have it watercolored in the next week.
Well thanks for reading about how much of a nerd i am for "The little mermaid. ooooh just wait and see what i do if they ever decide to re release aladdin in theaters. :D And Wednsdays Woman will be back this coming wed.

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