Sunday, February 13, 2011


Who? Where? or what in the world is Flippish? In a short few months you will learn right along side Sean the true meaning of Flippish.

And this cutie here is Chuck he's a Floufloo, and sadly, it seems that his entire family is missing. Or...could it be that Chuck is the last of his kind. Soon you'll be able to travel with Chuck and find out how we can help him find his family and help ourselves as well...before its all to late!

Soooooo what did you think of my cliff hanger explanations? Just wanted to share some images from the two books Im illustrating from two creative authors. I'll have more from Sean and Chuck up here soon, thanks for looking guys...until next time :)


  1. COOOOL!! now I want to see Floufloo in 3DDD!!!

  2. I love Chuck. I want to yank on his tail. I know, that's wrong, but yank I must! >_<

  3. Tovo-DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!

    Rose- HAHAHAHA thanks Rose, glad you love him, I think he would be an awesome stuffed animal ;)