Saturday, February 26, 2011

A wicked kind of post...

So ever since i heard the soundtrack from Wicked many years ago i always wanted to see in animated form. The song isn't just there for some people to dance around and sing. The song ( like in all good musicals) helps the story move foward and gets so much about the character across in such a short time. WATCH IT!!! WATCH IT!! WATCH IT!!

Annnd then not to long ago I saw these storyboards done by a Disney board artist.WATCH IT!! WATCH IT!!! WATCH IT!!!

AWESOME RIGHT!?!?!?! well all my free lance work has kept me busy and away from animating but the urge to flip some paper has been getting stronger and stronger. Right now I'm just in the beginning stages of it all but I'd like to animate the last 40 sec of the song "defying gravity" from Wicked as a test. Alot of work...yes .When will i finish it...I dont know...WILL I finish it? YES!!!!

For now heres just a couple pages out of the 15 that are in my sketch book that I did while listening to the song on repeat :) they're rough and some really suck but thats part of the process. Untill next time friends:)

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