Friday, January 11, 2013

New year, new projects:)

These long spans between post will need to stop this of, 
Things have been busy around here lately with the authors I've been working with but tonight I wanted to share a little from a personal project I started recently. For the last few years I've been helping others bring their characters to life and I decided it was time to bring one of my own little creations to the world.  I'm hoping you're gonna fall in love with the ever so cute, loveable, impish and sometimes attention seeking little ME!!! :) thats right its me, since high school I've been drawing myself as five year old and over time his look as varied but the same personality was always there. I could just never think of the right project to present my 'lil me to the world. 

It wasn't till a recent trip back home to reservation that i got an idea ( though after i wondered why i never thought of it earlier ) Some of the grown ups were talking about how younger generations from our tribe will never know certain things that were meant to be passed on, customs, dances, songs and legends. It hit me then that I would illustrate a series of childrens books of some of our tribes legends. The more I thought of it the more I realized how much this project would do for me. I always wanted to give back to my tribe for all the help that was provided so i could attend art school in California. I'd pass on some important legends for future generations. And I'd also be able to use my character to help introduce these stories.

That was a bit of reading but i just wanted to share a little of the back story behind the project so I hope you enjoy theses development  pieces of the charaters from the first legend, " Coyote and Bluebird"

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